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I am Sheki Useini

Spiritual beings with human experience. The primary focus of my work and research lies in dedicating myself with full enthusiasm to self-knowledge, meditation, how universal laws work, awareness, subconscious as well as researching scientific principles for a healthy, happy, peaceful, and successful life.

Sheki Useini

My Courses

My courses are designed to help you understand Meditation and benfits

What we teach you.

1. ABC of Meditation

2. Meditation to Strengthen Concentration

3. Meditation to Increase Self-Esteem

4. Meditation to strengthen self-confidence

5. Meditation for activating Intuition

6. Meditation to increase the quality of life

My Books & E-books

Spiritual beings with human experience. 

The great turn (Book – Albanian)


Who are you…? (Book – Albanian & English)


Contract with the soul (Book – Albanian)


Meditation is for you

  • If you think you have no courage!
  • If you think you can not succeed!
  • If OTHERS say you CANNOT!
  • If you think you are in this world by chance!
  • If you think you deserve more in life!


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