About me

I am Sheki Useini

Spiritual beings with human experience. The primary focus of my work and research lies in dedicating myself with full enthusiasm to self-knowledge, meditation, how universal laws work, awareness, subconscious as well as researching scientific principles for a healthy, happy, peaceful, and successful life.

Sheki Useini

If you think that your & others' truth is what is seen with the naked eye, then you have never met the truth

Sheki Useini

My Story

My successful periods as an entrepreneur in Switzerland, as well as my professional training in India, at the OSHO International Center for Meditation and Transformation, have encouraged me to be determined, to contribute to add value to society, and to support all those who want to know more about themselves, growth and development.

Today I am a certified teacher of meditation and hypnotherapy, author of several books, lecturer at many events and seminars, black belt bearer in martial arts and a man passionate about reading and learning. This systematic self-preparation enables me with a clear conscience to give much of myself to others, offering opportunities and clarity for positive changes in your life, so that you can easily discover the many potentials and values ​​in yourself.

My support is based on what you understand and accept that you are very important and that you carry within you a dizzying POTENTIAL, a precious gift. Life begins to shine from the moment you realize the presence of this gift, begin to adjust your interior – “your home” and allow this energy to manifest in your reality, better serving yourself and all humanity.

How can I help you?

The energy of my work is directed so that everyone first realizes that he/she is SPECIAL. Because, when this is understood and accepted as such, then it is much easier to realize your dreams, to live the life you deserve, to be positive and also surrounded by such people, to feel free, happy, calm, peaceful, and full of LOVE.

Through meditation you will realize that you are the living Temple of God and you will learn your truth, like „Who are you ?; “Why did you come to this life?”; “What is your message here?”, You must discover it yourself and you will also learn to be served by the treasure it carries within itself.

The lessons you will receive from me as well as the seminars you will attend will penetrate deep into your consciousness, so that you will easily accept yourself as you are, that is, originality, without judgments, without blame, without comparisons, which then successfully to illuminate from within you what is original and useful to you.

The ability to learn from different sources of knowledge enables us to become educated and wise people, while the willingness to learn from ourselves about ourselves and from life for life enables us to make ourselves a SCHOOL. This is the school of EXPERIENCE, and the knowledge that arises from experience is first-hand knowledge.

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