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INTENSIVE MEDITATION TRAINING is created to teach meditation properly, quickly and to understand the effect of meditation in relation to other important topics in our lives. This training aims to connect you even more with life so that you can take the role that belongs to you – to be the creator of your circumstances and destiny.

Maybe you have tried to meditate several times , but in the end you still did not succeed. But do not worry, you are not alone, there are many others. The reasons are many and the Academy of Meditation and Transformation VETVETJA has analyzed these barriers and created exactly this course for all those who do not have time to lose!

From this course you will get along with meditation techniques, also more self-esteem, self-confidence, you will be clearer what your intuition is, you will cultivate even more inner peace and after you have completed this course, you have create a strong shield from any kind of depression.

The self-promise that you will fix during this training will be the most powerful guides towards transforming and creating the best version of yourself.

Every self-promise is a decision-making, as our lives change according to the decisions we make. We can not live a different life by making the same decisions.

Change decisions change lives.

Welcome to the most intensive meditation training ever conducted for all Albanian speakers in this format.