Online – ABC Meditation Webinar

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Enrolled: 360 students
Duration: 2 Hours
Video: 2 Hours
Level: Intermediate
Online - ABC Meditation Webinar

Online – ABC Meditation Webinar

4 September 2022, Hours 20:00-22:00


– If you still do not understand the meaning of meditation, maybe you are still skeptical or have no results, even though you have been meditating for a long time,

– if you meditate and do not know whether this is meditation or not,

– if you do not believe that meditation is a stabilizing factor in life,

– if you have heard that meditation cures various diseases,

then do not miss the unique opportunity to learn once and for all the technique of achieving inner peace and well-being.


This webinar aims for you to start taking on the role you deserve – to be the creator of your own circumstances and destiny.

Each member undertakes to promise himself a CHANGE that he will make immediately after the webinar. You accept this in the form of a certificate from us. This is more than just a promise. Every promise is a decision, while the constructive changes we make in life depend on the consistency of decisions. In a word, we must get used to the promises we make to ourselves, and keep them. This will create an iron discipline, which is in fact the main pillar of all success in life.