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If it happens to you that you often feel anxiety, sadness, nervousness, you have a kind of fear and you have no idea why it is so? Maybe you tried to fix this situation and you did not succeed?
Of course it is never too late. Now you have the opportunity.
If you want to fix this situation and learn much more about it, then in the special training OPENING THE CHAKRAS you have the opportunity to learn and meditate on opening, activating and balancing them.
In most cases, blockages of the chakras, so these energy centers in our body can have traces of negative experiences or emotions from the past. Even the negativity of others can also have a bad effect on our seven chakras and in time then even get sick of it. For example, a broken faith, or as we say “a broken heart” can lead to a blockage of the heart chakra – which processes our experiences in love. The result of this would then be, for example, distrust of other people or the inability to give love. This is just one example from many others.
To prevent negative emotional or physical consequences, this training will help you gain the right knowledge. The success of this training lies in the fact that these energy centers then serve you as a kind of map, showing you which topics in your life currently need your attention, you will bring more liveliness in your life, self-confidence , peace of mind, stability and inner peace.
Topics during the training are:
• What are Chakras?
• What impact do they have on our lives?
• Where are they found in our body?
• How can we tell when they are stuck?
Meditation 1 hour to open the chakras
Questions & Answers & Conversation

You are welcome to be part of this special training!
Academy of Meditation & Transformation VETVETJA