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  1. Meditate and program yourself for more success!

You will not succeed because you want to succeed, but because you deserve it. All people want success. But success comes to those people who deserve it, to those who are capable of success. How capable you are of success? How good are you at meditating?

Through meditation you will be programmed and you will realize that you are always capable of success!


SECOND DAY – FRIDAY – 29.10.2021

  1. How to use the LAW OF ATTRACTION and discover my MISSION in life?

The law of attraction works 24 hours a day, uninterrupted, believe it or not, it works, both for good and for bad. If you understand this and learn to use it, then your dreams can come true. You are here with a mission, a definite purpose and if you still do not know anything about it, then this training will bring the right light to the further journey.You are not random here, but with a definite purpose, right?


THIRD DAY – SATURDAY – 30.10.2021

  1. How to understand INTUITION and open the THIRD EYE?

Intuition, the Third Eye, and Meditation are closely intertwined and play a tremendous role in our lives. We have an inner compass, which constantly supplies us with important information about life, about the right path or While the third eye or the sixth CHAKRA is an essential phenomenon to connect with other levels of consciousness and to discover even more about our inside and our truth.Our truth is not what comes from the mind, but what hides beyond it. Both, intuition and the third eye, are of great importance to our mental, spiritual health and are an integral part of our growth and development.


The SPECIFICATION of the trainings from the Academy of Meditation and Transformation Vetvetja  lies in the distribution of the self-promise certificate for each member. But what does this mean?

Each member undertakes to promise himself a CHANGE that he will make immediately after the training. He accepts this in the form of a certificate from Academy of Meditation & Transformation-VETVETJA. This is more than just a promise. Every promise is a decision, while the constructive changes we make in life depend on the consistency of decisions. In a word, we must get used to the promises we make to ourselves, and keep them. This will create an iron discipline, which is in fact the main pillar of all success in life.

The experiences of awarding certificates of self-promise so far have shown that they have a powerful influence in creating constructive habits and self-awareness to add more value in life.