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The art of living to the fullest is no different from other arts. This one is taught and mastered too! This type of art is first and foremost a request to wake up to the kind of life you deserve to live. The mystery of this mastery is hidden in the way of asking important questions in life, through which you will understand that at the same time your own concentration changes and the right answers appear as themselves. The answers he will accept are no different from a flashlight that illuminates a dark terrain, because life itself resembles a labyrinth, moving from the known to the unknown.

You will immediately notice this in the very sequence of topics in the book, which suddenly appear to the reader’s eye, just as life itself does with us, teaching us to always be willing to welcome the varied challenges of dancing. her.

Life is no different from a journey, and as such will always remain.

The book focuses on YOURSELF, your most important project, and urges you to avoid any conflict with it. When you triumph over yourself, you also triumph over life. By allowing love and meditation to be your companions, you will enjoy life from the seat of the creator and not of the victim. Survival is only the minimum, while freedom, happiness, and inner peace are its crowns.

So this is the big turn, the moment when you realize that pain is an inevitable part of growth, and suffering is voluntary. The whole book resembles a protocol on how to get rid of suffering in life! Live – Love – Meditate “

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