Our initial and natural state is HEALTH. The other name for health is harmonic, so when everything is in harmony within us, then we are healthy, whether physical or mental health.

The disease is DISHARMONY, while disharmony means disagreement, something that does not match, does not go well.

Our body has the perfect ability to heal itself, always, from the beginning, until we consciously or rather unconsciously disrupt the wonderful work it does! In fact, our body is a universal pharmacy to intervene in every part of it, where the need arises.

Through meditation, we turn to our inside, the “inner doctor”, and enable him to do his job properly without obstacles from the outside.

The meditation in this video is prepared to have a successful and absolutely visible EFFECT

for you and on you.

Please, practice it at least once for 7 days in a row, 1-2 times a day, first of all before sleep, and you will see astounding RESULTS.

All of you will make me even happier if, after practicing this meditation, you inform me about the benefits and results that will derive from this, but DO NOT thank me. Because it is always the BODY itself that heals itself. THANK YOU, OUR BODY, FOR THIS EXTRAORDINARY SKILL!

I wish you exceptional gratification during meditation.



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