Everyone should live the life they deserve.

But it is no easy at all to awaken the courage in YOURSELF, when it comes to that LIFE that you think you deserve to live, to that life that has value and meaning to you. But why is that?!

Because most people are too scared to quit a job they hate. Because people are afraid to leave a partner they do not love and are afraid to fall in love with someone else; they are afraid of loneliness, of tomorrow, of gossip, of life! These fears hold people hostage, in prison, and they live miserable life because they lack the courage to take “risks” and bring about the right changes in life.

So, they do not have the courage to take risks!! They think that real life is lived without danger. On the other hand, this is in fact the greatest danger, not taking risks, because in that way you will continue to live the life that you do not deserve, perhaps even worse, a life according to the principles and needs of someone else.

One thing is beyond question, there is no courage without fear and there is no life without danger. Awaken the courage in yourself today, please, not tomorrow, and dare to live your life.

Now, start with the magic question: What life do I deserve? And never forget the answer!

Yes, of course, I understand when you say “But this is not easy, Mr. Sheki!”

-I tell you that you are right, because if it was easy, then everyone would do it!

Better a temporary pain than eternal suffering. That’s it, I say no more!

With much Love and Courage …

And a wonderful weekend!

Sheki / Switzerland May 2020

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