Saying “There is no stress” does not sound natural at all, especially in this day and age.

Or not?!

But, as a rule, stress is not an integral part of life. We create it through our inability to understand and manage our internal system.

The so-called “stress” does not happen outside of us, but inside us. The less prepared our interior is, the more opportunities and space we will create for stress to reside and rebel in us. The ability to establish order and clarity in “our home” will give a new perspective on the definition of stress. Stress manifests itself primarily from perception and the way we react to what happens in the outside world, and then continues to feed on our fear and ignorance. MEDITATION is the most effective alternative to protect yourself from this and to organize the inside in a self-protective dimension against what is harmful to health, peace and happiness.

What should always be kept in mind is that only a properly treated interior can bring you FULFILLMENT and true happiness, and not the material comfort we create in the outside world, which alone would not be enough for a balanced life!

Meditation and “stress” cannot stay together!

I wish you a stress-free weekend!


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